Learn State-Of-The-Art Techniques that you can use to help clients of all ages. You will have the satisfaction of helping humanity in an in-depth and effective way.


We welcome those who have a dedicated interest in optimal health, and who are open to a new, highly effective method of health improvement. A holistic health background is a plus, but is not essential. You can add previous holistic health, or medical training, to our system. These will complement your expertise, as you learn to be a Renewell System Practitioner.



You will be learning an in-depth approach to dealing with the emotional, physical and spiritual rehabilitation of clients.


  • Learn radically new techniques that are efficient and powerful
  • One to three sessions of emotional clearing lead clients out of stress. Then further sessions can change their lives even more 
  • After our therapy clients relax, as stress leaves the face, and body
  • This is all achieved in very few sessions!


  • Many illnesses can be removed with our powerful healing methods  –
  • Stress lies at the base of most disease, and Emotional Issues are cleared so that clients can live in a more balanced way.
  • Learn to correct Nutrition, to bring health to bones, muscles, blood, and body systems.
  • Learn to check organs, glands and systems, detoxify the body, balance the electrical systems, and remove allergies.


  • Learn how to balance the Spiritual Self with special guided meditations to be used each day to bring spiritual empowerment and inner peace.


  • Each client is dealt with in an individual way. The system locates individual specific needs and then works rapidly towards healing.


  • After initial certified training, six months of concentrated training practice in this work are required for students before they participate as facilitators with clients.


RENEWELL CENTERS - for Courses, Therapy and Gatherings

Our Centers are built and funded through the St. Germain Foundation. They are located in beautiful places in nature – near the ocean, lakes, rivers and forests -- to bring a peaceful healing environment.


ROSE ASHTON, experienced instructor, facilitator, writer, speaker and workshop leader of 30 years is giving these certified training courses from 2021 to 2028. These Renewell System Courses will also be given by OUR INSTRUCTORS who will be listed on this site.


Students in the U.S. are recommended and invited to be ordained in the spiritual Order of Melchizedek in order to become Spiritual and Christian Ministers and earn the title of Reverend before putting themselves out as Practitioners and Teachers in the Renewell System under their Ministerial Title. This ordination is a Spiritual Gift for our students, even if you are already an accredited counselor.

The Rev. Dan Chesbro of the Sanctuary of the Beloved will be performing these ordinations at the end of each course in the continental U.S.

Students in Hawaii will be ordained by a representative of Dan Chesbro, of the Order of Melchizedek, on February 28 and March 1, 2022.


Students will sleep over at each Center while taking the Course.

Students will be required to bring sleeping bag, air mattress, pillow, towel, washing supplies, and sandwich for night meal before course starts, as well as trailmix snacks.

Students should take minimal luggage.

No perfumed supplies, alcohol, or street drugs are allowed.

There is no smoking within Center Buildings.

Vegetarian Food of high quality will be served during each Course.

There is NO student car parking available at each Center. Bus Transportation has been arranged for students from the nearby city before and after each course.

Once enrolled, students will receive an email with a link to an information page which will provide them with pertinent course information such as required reading. Further emails will be sent to inform the students of any other information they may require, such as transportation details.


Fees are shown along with each course on the following selection page.

Fees include the Introductory Course, Food, Accommodation, and Bus Transportation to the course from the pickup location.


Our Healing Centers in the United States, Australia and New Zealand will be for teaching courses, and they will have Clinics within them where our trained Renewell System Facilitators will live and practise. There will also be Renewell System Affiliated Therapy Clinics.

To start your own Renewell System Clinic after your full certification and intensive practice, we require that you contact our official website design team at TerraUtopia. They will help you set up your affiliated Renewell System Website to advertise your clinics and teaching. Your Renewell System Site will be linked to our Main Site that will include advertising for facilitator courses and clinics.

For ongoing support and inspiration we warmly invite Facilitators who are operating Renewell System clinics to join us at Annual Gatherings at our Centers. At these Gatherings Rose will be giving more information about the power and the use of the Renewell System. Details will be sent to these Facilitators by email. The first Gathering will be held July 2023 at our Washington Center near Annapolis.

After your training, we encourage Renewell System Facilitators to become an active part of your community through your therapy clinics and teaching courses. We also encourage you to gather and support each other as you help humanity to heal and grow emotionally, physically and spiritually with this healing system.

Congratulations on choosing this fine healing work as your new career!


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